2017 Presentations

Session 1 | Nevada Update

1-1 Bill Hoffman_Safety Summit Prez

1-2_2017 SHSP Overview Mammen Davey Updated

1-3__Osborn_Welcome NHP Presentation final


Session 2 | Break-Out Sessions

2A-1Session 2A NNV Ped Safety

2B-1 Gilbert_2017 Nevada Traffic Safety Summit powerpoint

2B-2 Edgell_Traffic Safety Summit

2B-3 Halsor_DocumentsTraffic Safety Summit MJ DUI Conference Panel Discussion


Session 3 | Break-Out Sessions


3B-1-CPS Roundtable 2017 NV Safety Summit

3C-1 Kapular_Data to Select Bicycle and Ped Projects1

3C-2 Using Data to Drive Decisions in Utah

3C-3 Colety_Nevada Presentation FHWA Traffic Records 052417v3


Session 4 | Legislative Best Practices

4-1 Dr Kuhl_____Primary seat belt_NVTSS_2017_Kuhls_gifsremoved_v2

4-2 PM_2017 SHSP Summit Leg Updated


Session 5 | TIM Coalitions in Nevada

5-1_Tom Diani Multiagency

5-2-NV-TIM-Protect the Que2

5-3-Kiser_Nevada Wrong Way 2017 Safety Summit

5-4_PDW 2017 State update_CHANGES052517

5-5_Pat Legislative update SB312


Session 6 | Autonomous Technology



Session 7 | Awards Presentation

7-2017-05-25 Awards Presentation